A Guide to Becoming a Competent Guest Blogger

18 Sep

One of the tried and tested ways when it comes to building awareness around or a brand and driving traffic towards a site is guest blogging.  At the very least, you can be assured the editor will get good quality and relevant content they can share with their readers.   That said, it is OK to question the viability of guest blogging considering SEO is ever changing. Truth of the matter is guest bloggers are still in high demand today as they were a decade or so ago.   What this means is that even if the SEO algorithms change or the penguin updates come with all manner of changes, guest blogging will remain relevant. 

And of course, the benefits are well documented, top among them increasing relevant traffic to a website and building great backlinks.  As a matter of fact, it is always a win-win situation for both the guest blogger and the publisher.  On the part of the publisher, they are guaranteed of relevant content that will benefit their readers, and on the part of the blogger they are guaranteed of great exposure.

To stand out and remain relevant, it is highly recommended that you build a very professional website.  This site should have the latest SEO strategies implemented and of course, have a user-friendly web design in place to ensure professionalism and usability.   Next in line you should start looking for an opportunity to share your knowledge through guest blogging and a quick search on Google is always a great place to get your feet wet. You can make a quick search using such terms as guest post, submit a guest post, guest post guidelines, accepting guest posts, etc.  How about you also find guest blogging opportunities on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Well, it needs no mentioning, this is where all the people that you need are; and you get an opportunity to interact with them directly so be sure to check it out as well.  Get more info.

The last important tip to keep in mind is about preparing yourself to not only make contact but also be of value to those you are contacting.   The fact that dozens of other guest bloggers are looking for such an opportunity means you need to stand out of the crowd and be relevant.   Go through the websites of the businesses you are targeting to have a closer feel of what their clients are looking for.   Only then, can you be sure you have taken the right approach and are ready to become a guest blogger in a niche that you love. Check this company here!

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